Monday, March 23, 2009

My first blog

Some of my friends are encouraging me to make my own blog... It took me days to finally get started with this one :). Making blog for me is like a PUBLIC diary am i right? well i was lying down and about to sleep when suddenly i remembered what happened to my previous company that i was working for it was DELL. I heard the shocking news from a friend that DELL was sold to another company. I felt sad when i heard about it,  although im not associated with the company anymore i have loved staying there, I have learned a lot and met new friends, I've grown much better as a person, enhanced my knowledge especially in technical skills. Employees now in DELL are depressed about what happened, although employees are included they would still have to be on probationary, employees now are thinking if they will stay or leave the company, some say that they see if the company is good they might stay. but still alot would be leaving and would look for another job. 
For my friends there whatever you decide i hope you will find the path that you've always dreamed of.